I believe being a mom doesn't have to be hard - it can be easier!

Do you wish your child would


…stop fighting with their siblings

…have better school days (and fewer notes home from the teacher)

…try new things without making such a big deal

…go along with daily routines without arguing


Request my FREE Workbook to gain access to some different strategies that will shift your experience from frustrated and exhausted to aligned and high-vibe!

This Free workbook, “4 Ways You May Be Working Against Your Child’s Nature (and How to Gain Their Cooperation Using Simple Yet Powerful Strategies)” will help!

Work With Me

Parenting with Heart by Human Design

Parenting becomes easier when you have ample support. I coach and support moms by offering knowledge and understanding of their children's motivations and behaviors through Human Design. I use a combination of Human Design, brain science, and individualized strategies unique to you and your child to help you create a loving relationship that will last a lifetime. Book a Free Discovery call here to find out how you can get the relationship with your child you dream of.

Mother and Child Sessions

Do you desire greater peace with your child, and less conflict? Do you long to feel less tired and overwhelmed by the end of the week? Do you want to spend time with your child that's fun and conflict-free? Then.......You might want to explore a session with a professional... *who'll listen without judging you.... *who can give you solutions to fit you and your child...... * who can help you remember what it's like to just enjoy your child again. Human Design can help you get peace in your home, and a better relationship with your child. Learn more about a session here.

Single QHD Readings

Are you someone without children? Do you desire insight into your life purpose? Is there an area of your life you’d love some support in? Perhaps you’d like to gift someone a single reading. Click the button below to find out how a Quantum Human Design reading can give you greater understanding of your life themes, your inner  motivation, and soul purpose. A Quantum Human Design Reading is a wonderful gift for you or for someone you love.

Hi! My name is Nina Cuellar-Barry
I am a Parenting Coach and Quantum Human Design Specialist
I took all the parenting classes, read all the books, and went back to school in early childhood special education so I could figure out the 'best' way to teach and parent children. Along the way I realized out that there was no "one" way that was best for all children! Then I discovered Human Design and understood its potential for teaching us how to better love and teach EVERY child. It's the perfect foundation for understanding children, while teaching them through brain-smart strategies and tools to be more successful and happy. I love sharing this combination of teachings with my clients and offering the support in parenting I wish I'd had when my own children were young.

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